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What you need to know about Ants control

There are thousands of ant species across the world, but just six make up the population you are ever likely to come across in the UK.

The most common – the black ant – is the one we typically see in our gardens. It doesn’t bite humans, or carry any disease, so no need to worry about any ant you see outdoors. In fact, ants kill some flies that carry diseases, so they can actually be good to see around, just so long as they stick to the garden!

5 ways to keep Ants outdoors

  1. Clear away any food or spillages from worktops and floors, especially sweet sticky substances.
  2. Cover all food sources or use airtight containers.
  3. Clean and disinfect behind appliances and under work areas.
  4. Empty bins regularly.
  5. Block pest ants from entering premises by insect proofing all cracks and crevices around walls, doors and windows.

Our Ants Control Solutions

If ants do get into your home or business premises then they can make life fairly unpleasant, whether they’re infesting your own food cupboards or your professional larder in a hotel, restaurant or bar.

With many years experience, we understand that each situation requires a different approach and we will tailor how we deal with an ant infestation depending on your particular circumstances.

Here are four of the pest control solutions we can provide for ants:

  1. Residual sprays can be used around ant nests or as barriers to help prevent ant infestations.
  2. Gels and bait formulations that get carried back to the nest by worker ants, killing the colony.
  3. Insecticide dust: applications are effective once the nest is found and exposed.
  4. Ant-proofing can prevent ants reentering a building.

Whatever your ant control problem, we’ve almost certainly dealt with one that’s similar, so make us your first port of call.

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