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What you need to know about controlling Mice

Why Mice Pest Control is essential

If a single resident female house mouse is happy in your premises, and has access to plenty of food, then 5–8 litters of mice can be born within 12 months – each containing an average of 6–8 mice. The young mice become sexually mature at about eight weeks old, so it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that this could lead to a serious problem within months. That’s why mice pest control from experts is essential

This explains why the house mouse is the most common pest mouse in Scotland. We are in constant demand across Fife, Kinross, Perth and Central Scotland

These furry domestic pests will feast on anything they can find… and your domestic or commercial kitchen is a big attraction.

Field / wood mice and the yellow-necked mouse will also venture indoors occasionally, typically as the weather deteriorates in autumn, or during winter, but the house mouse is by far the most common mouse we get asked to deal with.

5 giveaway signs that tell you if you’ve got a mouse problem

  1. Noise – scraping and scurrying in walls, above the ceiling or under floorboards
  2. Small 2–3 mm dash-shaped black droppings
  3. Chewing or teeth marks on insulation, food packets, etc.
  4. Damaged electrical cables or gnawed plastic piping
  5. A distinctive musty smell (mouse urine)

Rodent’s teeth grow continuously, so mice must grind their teeth down to a usable size by gnawing on anything and everything: from food to photographs, from textbooks to tents, and from plastics to pyjamas.

In a domestic situation, mice can cause significant damage to water and central heating pipes, or create a fire risk by chewing through electric cables. Skirting boards, furniture and appliances can also be damaged and food packaging is shredded is another telltale sign.

Meanwhile, out in your garage, car electrics, upholstery and fluid pipes are all targets.

Protecting commercial premises from mice

In commercial situations, machinery, stock and business reputations can also be damaged. That’s why pro-active measures to prevent any infestation getting started will prove to be cost-effective.

Our specialist pest technicians will safely and effectively eradicate your mouse problem using approved trapping and baiting systems. These keep you, your business, your livestock and other wildlife safe.


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