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What you need to know about Wasps

We advise you not to tackle wasp nests yourself: if you don’t have the proper equipment or expertise then an attack by even a few wasps can be a very painful experience. That’s why you need professional Wasps Pest Control

It is particularly important that you seek professional help if you suffer from a wasp sting allergy, especially if you know that wasp stings are likely to trigger an anaphylactic reaction.

The first sign of a wasp nest might be seeing a regular stream of wasps flying to or from a single source. In your garden it could be a gap in your wall, a branch of a tree, a bush, a bird box or even a compost heap. You might also hear a strange noise coming from behind a wall or above a ceiling, sometimes accompanied by wasps apparently finding their way into your home or office.

Nests can also be found in the eaves of a house, under roof tiles and slates, or in airbricks.

Some wasps also nest in holes in the ground or in sheds and garages. If you are suspicious of a nest anywhere on your land call us. An initial survey is free.

Removing a wasps nest

Removing a wasp nest is a major portion of our pest control requests. We’re called out regularly between the months of May and October, and occasionally even in November.  We attend wasp problems in Fife, Perth & Kinross and Central Scotland

Here in Scotland, there are three main wasp species that concern us: Common wasps, German wasps and Norwegian wasps. All three follow a similar breeding pattern.

Wasp nests – or bikes as they are also known – are made from wood scrapings and wasp saliva moulded together by female worker wasps. A single nest can eventually hold thousands of potentially aggressive wasps.

In late summer or autumn a queen wasp will leave your nest ready to hibernate over winter. The workers in this old wasp nest then die off naturally, and the original nest will never be used again.

But remain on the alert. Particularly in autumn, workers seek out sweet substances and this is when they can become a significant nuisance in homes, bakeries or sweet factories. They can also be a significant pest at garden parties or barbeques, where they are attracted by the availability of soft drinks, sweet marinades or fresh fruit.

wasps penetrate brick work

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