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Fly control is essential for business

Businesses often need help with flies and pest control, especially in the food sector, but it is just as important to tackle fly problems in the home because certain flies carry and transmit diseases.

We can provide one-off visits for fly control or – particularly for businesses – we provide regular fly control inspections, especially where good hygiene standards are essential by law.

Simple routine fly control measures for all kitchens

  1. Ensure good hygiene management.
  2. Cover any food that is sitting out.
  3. Keep bins well away from doors and windows.
  4. Clean and disinfect worktops and food spillages.

If flies have become a problem then we can supply and fit a range of fly screens for doors and windows; apply electric flytraps, scented flytraps or sticky board flytraps; as well as supply insecticides, sprays and fogging equipment.

These can all be used in either commercial or domestic premises.

Identify the right fly species for effective control

  • House flies deposit harmful bacteria while dissolving their food with digestive juices, which can cause severe illness if ingested by humans.
  • Fruit flies are attracted to sour milk, rotting fruit and vegetables, as well as wine and beer spillages and can be major nuisance in pubs, restaurants and homes.
  • In the autumn, cluster flies are a particular problem. They can gather in huge numbers in lofts or rooms and offices that are used rarely. Although they don’t carry diseases, they do cause stress and anxiety as they swarm.
  • Blowfly, bluebottles and greenbottles do all carry diseases that are harmful to humans. They are primarily scavengers, and their presence can indicate a dead or wounded animal or bird nearby.
  • Where drains have been damaged, Owl midges – sometimes known as sewage flies – can breed and grow in the wet organic matter. They too often carry disease.

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