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What you need to know Fleas and treatments

Fleas Pest Control is often needed because fleas carry diseases. For cats or dogs, flea bites become very swollen and inflamed, causing considerable discomfort, and the first sign of trouble is usually when you see your pet constantly scratching.

The real trouble is that once a flea gets settled on a pet, or in a warm cushion, upholstered chair or rug, it isn’t alone for long.

Dog fleas, for example, can live for up to 14 days and female fleas can lay up to 40 eggs every day. Those eggs hatch into tiny larvae that burrow into your carpets and upholstery, where the larvae can lie for many months. When the adult flea emerges it will jump on to the first passing ‘host’ – which can include you or your dog.


Fleas transmit diseases

By far the biggest concern with fleas is their irritating itchy bite. Cats and dogs can suffer serious skin damage from the irresistible scratching, but fleas can also pass on diseases to humans, (including tape worms), which is a particular concern if young children are in the home.

If you see your pet scratch repeatedly then visit your vet immediately. They will advise on an appropriate flea treatment. You will need to treat all affected areas in your home– including human bedding and pet baskets, carpets, sofas and chairs.

Flea Control Advice

  1. Use professional treatments.
  2. Wash bedding at a high temperature to help kill the fleas.
  3. Vacuum before and after treatment to help remove different stages of a flea infestation.
  4. Dispose of the hoover bag carefully or burn the contents, and be sure to disinfect bag-less appliances.

Many hotels, guesthouses and even offices now welcome dogs, and we are acutely aware that a sensitive and caring approach is required when dealing with any enquiry or survey relating to a possible flea infestation.  Our trained and qualified pest controller can respond discreetly. If you are an office, B&B, pub or other public venues that welcomes dogs (or cats) we can also schedule a regular visit as part of a pest control service plan. Prevention is always easier than the cure!

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