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Greys are the problem

First the good news… our native red squirrel populations are currently on the increase. Any reduction in the grey squirrel population can help our native red population to thrive in the wild. It is their expansion that has decimated the native squirrel population through a virus carried by Grey squirrels (squirrel Pox), which then affects the Red squirrels. A good reason for Squirrel Pest Control

But grey squirrels thriving in our woods and in our towns bring an additional problem.

Introduced to Britain around 1876, grey squirrels breed very quickly, producing up to four litters a year, with an average of three to four young per litter. That’s a population boom and it causes problems when grey squirrels cause structural damage to property, including damage to flashing on roofs, tiles, pipes or electrical cables.

Damage by squirrels can be extensive

In gardens, they also dig up plants and bulbs, damage fruit and vegetables, and even strip the bark from young trees… so the expanding population is a pest that needs control.

Those signs of damage are what to look out for, but you can also hear Grey squirrels scratching your roof tiles or flashing, so listen out for unwelcome visitors as well.

In all our pest control services, we always operate within the law. We are trained and authorised to implement approved methods of pest control for Grey squirrels, including cage trapping, spring trapping, baiting and drey poking (catching Grey squirrels in their nests).

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