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Moth problems at home and the office

Moth Pest Control and why it is needed

Moths can contaminate many types of stored food products and damage natural fibres, especially wool, so are a particular problem for food and textile businesses. This is why we get calls for our Moth pest control services from all over Fife, Perth & Kinross and Central Scotland. It is the larvae that cause the damage: affecting leather, silk and cotton, as well clothes, linen and in particular woollen carpets, making moth control an issue both at home and in an office.

Call us at the first sign of damage

When you contact us you know you’ll receive moth control services that you can trust – at very competitive prices. Active Pest Solutions will:

  1. Identify where the moth infestation originates
  2. Use moth traps in warehouse situations
  3. Treat the problem with an appropriate insecticide for either work or home
  4. Monitor the situation for signs of any residual problem.

Bird nests can be a common source of moth infestations, and we will routinely check

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