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Moles are a safety hazard

Molehills are not just unsightly they are also a safety hazard for people and animals as they create the potential for a trip or fall, which can lead to ligament damage or sprained ankles.  That’s why expert moles pest control is a must if you have an invasion

With people, that could leave you or your business open to an insurance claim, especially if you are a sports club, public playing field or other public space; but for livestock or valuable horses they could potentially even break a leg – and that could mean the animal needs to be put down.

The key warning sign, of course, are the hills that moles push up overnight as they dig under your garden or field.

Moles can devastate a garden or field very quickly

Moles breed between February and June. With a litter consisting of up to seven moles, even a single breeding pair can quickly devastate a garden or field as they search for food. It takes just over a month before the young are fully grown and the young set off to find their own territory. So for a commercial stable, farm or rural business damage can quickly spread across a wide area of land.

And with an average mole life span of three years, an isolated hill left unaddressed this year will become a bigger problem next year.

We have found that using quality mole traps, expertly set, is the most effective form of mole control. A more extensive problem might require gas to be used, and we are licensed to conduct that service if necessary. That’s why you need to call in Moles Pest Control experts

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